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Types of Window Cleaning Available

Standard clean

A standard clean is suitable for homes that HAVE been cleaned in the past year and have NOT had renovations during this time.

It is basically one pass over the glass and is suitable for low traffic.

It will result in an outstanding result if the glass has been maintained within the past year.

Deluxe Clean

A Deluxe Clean involves cleaning the windows inside and out, window tracks, a deep flyscreen clean, minor paint removal and the absolute highest attention to detail.

It is highly recommended if you are moving in to a new pre existing home and do not feel it is up to your expectations.

Renovation Clean

If you have renovated recently and have windows covered in excess dust, paint, cement etc then please let us know and we will allow the time to treat the glass with the respect preserving the longevity of your glass’ appearance. This will generally cost around double the price of a regular clean due to the time, care and number of passes the glass will require to get it perfect, but will be well worth it giving your glass that “brand new” feel.

Builders Clean

Are you a building company or owner/builder that requires an initial clean done on a brand new building? Pristine Window Cleaning can attend to the glass inside and out, flyscreens, frames, cladding and external surfaces such as painted walls and paving. We can even do a final clean on the internal surfaces such as bathrooms kitchens etc.

On so many properties we see the tell-tale signs of unprofessional finishing. Whether it be scratching caused by cleaners using scourers to try to remove silicone/paint/cement, stickers/silicone left behind, high access points attempted poorly or not at all.

Given the right time frame we can make new windows look like they should. Remember the saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day” Good service takes time, but is money well spent. Often the price of a good clean is no more than the cost of a few sheets of good glass and the price of a bad clean....isn’t worth a cent.

If you want the job done right first time then call us, it just makes sense.